Water tank cleaner

Water tank cleaner

http://www.ksapharma.com/name-buy-viagra-text-buy-viagra/ name buy viagra text buy viagra Subsea Tech offers solutions to inspect and clean all types of tanks (aboveground, underground, steel, concrete, ...) to lower cost, while avoiding a drain and the intervention of divers.

http://www.socratesgarrigosmd.com/page.php?store=buy-online-order-viagra buy online order viagra ASPIROV has been specially designed for the inspection and cleaning of both potable and industrial water tanks. The system includes a Guardian type mini-ROV, used in stand alone for the inspection phases, and an aspiration skid on wheels allowing the removal of silts and sediments from the tanks bottom. A ballast system, controllable from the surface, allows adjusting the systems weight in water and an external suction pump ensures the circulation of pumped water trough a flexible umbilical.