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Sub-millimetric 3D reconstruction underwater solution
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3D Scan

Why laser ?

Capture the most precise measurements and obtain highly detailed 3D point cloud model representations that far exceed the resolution of sonar, resulting in superior accuracy and greater knowledge of an asset’s condition.


The scanner laser projects a line of laser light onto the target object. Based on the light reflected from this line, the scanner calculates a high resolution 2D profile of points in 3D space. By accumulating a series of profiles, the scanner is able to obtain a 3D point cloud representation of the surface of the target object.


ULS 100 & 200

Optimal for short-range scans, the ULS 100 and 200 is ideal for external scans where the target object can be easily accessed, or for internal scans where space is confined, which limits the size of the scanner that can be deployed.

2GRobotics ULS-100 Data Sheet (1.42 mb)

2GRobotics ULS-200 Data Sheet (1.99 mb)

ULS 500

With a maximum range of 10m, the ULS 500 is perfect for any kind of 3D reconstruction thanks to its two operationnal mode: rotational scan with the tripod and profiling mode integrated on a ROV, AUV or ship.

2GRobotics ULS-500 Data Sheet (909.59 kb)


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