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Subsea Tech signed in 2020 a partnership with the Austrian company VWMS for the distribution of Coliminder products in France.

ColiMinder provides fully automated, rapid microbiological contamination measurements within 15 minutes. ColiMinder on-line measurements enable process monitoring and control for all water related applications :

  • Drinking water
  • Bottled water
  • Wastewater
  • Process water
  • Surface water & Bathing water
  • Membrane integrity

The fully automatic, real-time monitoring of microbiological contamination levels of discharge streams enables the institutions and regulators to establish fully automated supervision in compliance with environmental laws. Microbiological contamination measurement enables a drastic increase in efficiency and safety of water treatment processes.

Installation of alarms makes it possible to immediately warn the operator (email or SMS) in the event of a pollution peak.

ColiMinder measures contamination by directly analyzing the enzyme activity of the target organism. In addition to full bacterial activity, the device can more precisely target E. Coli and enterococci bacteria. This measurement approach does not need incubation.





With a ColiMinder CMI-02 serving as base, the ERU (Emergency Response Unit) is assembled on a rack and dedicated for mobile use or as a driving lab (e.g. in cars or on a boat). It is equipped with all necessary equipment with consumables for 100 measurements. It can be deployed also for continuous monitoring when being equipped with different canisters.

ColiMinder can autonomously perform up to 54 measuring cycles per day and up to 1000 measurements, without the need of operator intervention.

Reliability and robustness of the ColiMinder have been proven in different ways at customer installations all around the globe. In France, ColiMinder is today used by Société Eaux des Paris and by Service d’Assainissement Marseille Métropole (groupe SUEZ) for surface and bathing water microbiological monitoring.

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For further information about ColiMinder, check VWMS’ website and  presentation video.

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