Events      Floating offshore wind turbines: Subsea Tech at FOWT 2019

On April 24-26, the city of Montpellier will host the largest event dedicated to floating offshore wind turbines, FOWT 2019. Subsea Tech, which was already present at the 2018 edition held in Marseille, will once again sponsot the event. This will provide an opportunity to showcase Subsea Tech's systems and expertise in the field, including the Inspection-Class ROV Tortuga and the all-new SeaCat surface drone.

Already widely acclaimed at previous exhibitions, these two systems will once again be highlighted. SeaCat is a solution specially developed for inspection problems surrounding offshore wind farms, among others. The monitoring and control of these structures under difficult environments (high swells and currents) is a key issue for their integrity. However, these operations generally require the mobilisation of heavy and costly resources (dynamically positioned vessels, work-ROVs) which are often oversized for this type of intervention and represent a risk both for the infrastructure and for the personnel.

With these constraints in mind, Subsea Tech has designed a solution that addresses the following problem: inspecting a wind turbine from its foundation to the end of its blades, while drastically reducing human risk, costs and operational constraints. This innovation is based on the USV SeaCat, an autonomous 6-metre long catamaran capable of carrying out inspections from the surface (bathymetry, 3D reconstruction of submerged and emerged structures) and carrying an aerial drone for examining the aerial parts, as well as a Tortuga ROV for inspecting the underwater parts.

This automated multi-drone system offers a number of advantages for operators in the sector, including reduced human risks at sea, increased safety for infrastructures using light and agile methods, reduced environmental impact (CO2 emissions reduced by a factor of 10 compared to traditional means), significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs and greater flexibility in intervention. The complete solution should reduce inspection times by half and reduce associated costs by a factor of 3.


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