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Subsea Tech increases its presence in Southern America by appointing the company NILS International as its representative in Chile. NILS specializes in underwater services, especially for the highly developed fish farming industry. Since February, Guardian mini-ROVs successfully completed more than 400h operations in Chilean waters with proven impressive perfomances as shown it this video.

As Chilean regulation enforces daily removal of dead fishes in breeding ponds, collection cost and time are clearly at stake for operators. Guardian mini-ROV allows removing up to 5 fishes of 1.5kg each in a single dive, which is a breakthrough for this ROV category. Our mini-ROVs thus allows carrying out this daily duty in a record time, at the lowest cost (single operator) and without any human risk compared to traditional spreads such as divers.

The compelling magazine Salmon Expert published an article on this topic in its March 2019 edition (p.62).

Contact NILS International: Christian Fuentes -

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