Multibeam sonars

High resolution underwater imagery in zero visibility conditions.

BlueView 2D

M series

Allowing for real-time feedback, these high to very high frequency sonars offer a range of up to 200m for 450kHz, up to 100m for 900kHz and up to 10m for 2250kHz.

Brochure BlueView M900-2250 (435.44 kb)

BlueView 3D

BlueView 3D multi-beam mechanical scanning sonars help rebuild 3D underwater volumes. These sonars mounted on 360° pan and tilts can perform a spherical scan. The implementation is possible by tripod or ROV.

Brochure BlueView BV5000 (4.46 mb)


Subsea Tech integrates and uses BlueView sonars for its own needs, especially with Mini-ROV Guardian, USV Catarob, USV CAT-Surveyor or on a tripod.


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