Cygnus Thickness measurement gauges

Cygnus Thickness measurement gauges

viagra and cranberry juice Subsea Tech is approved and exclusive distributor for France of the Cygnus Instruments range of underwater ultrasonic thickness gauges and accessories. The range includes gauges for diver applications as well as gauges for mini-ROV and ROV (500m, 2000m and 4000m) mounting. Cygnus gauges are using multiple echo technology, creating a very high frequency ultrasound impulsion which is going through the object to measure and using 3 return echoes to give repeatable, reliable results. The measurements are converted into an electrical signal transformed to produce reliable and dated digital data, allowing detecting defects or corrosion. Cygnus gauges are certified and accepted by all major Classification Societies.

will cvs minute clinic treat erectile disfunction? Subsea Tech has also developed a special integration kit adapted to the Cygnus mini-ROV probe easily mountable on their ranges of mini-ROVs Observer and Guardian. viagra official website The clomid and late ovulation MINI ROV Mountable gauge is designed to be mounted onto generic valtrex without prescription small, observation ROVs, with or without a manipulator facility. best prices on canadian viagra Dedicated software displays the time, date and thickness readings on the surface which can all be logged. Alternatively, an optional Topside Repeater (TSR) display unit is available, which has the facility to display measurements remotely and overlay them onto a video signal. Therefore measurements can be superimposed on the ROV camera's monitor screen. 3 different measurement ranges in steel are available: 3 mm - 250 mm with 2.25 MHz probe, 2 mm - 150 mm with 3.5 MHz probe, 1 mm - 50 mm with 5.0 MHz probe. viagra para adultos mayores The MINI ROV gauge can be easily integrated on our range of mini-ROVs (Guardian, Sentinel, Observer) thank to our especially designed picture viagra pill integration kit and software modification of the control console for 50c generic viagra real time overlay on the mini-ROV video.


The how often take viagra Cygnus DIVE MK2 is a wrist-mountable, simple to operate, robust levitra dapoxetine underwater ultrasonic thickness gauge which provides an invaluable free hand while performing remaining metal thickness measurements. The Cygnus pioneered buy viagra answers Multiple Echo technique is the heart of the electronics and ensures protective coatings up to 20 mm thick are completely ignored, there is no need to remove protective coatings. Additionally, all measurements are automatically checked and verified by the multiple echo technique electronics.
The large, bright discrete cialis colour AMOLED display is easily viewable by both the diver and his camera even in the poorest visibility and the operation of the gauge couldn’t be simpler, only two buttons for easy navigation of the intuitive, clear menus.
The completely buy bradn viagra new feature of the DIVE MK 2 is the added flexibility of depakote viagra interaction Single Echo mode where comprar viagra en madrid sin receta Twin Crystal probes can be used. This feature is useful for some specific situations including on uncoated surfaces that have extreme front face and back wall corrosion, anchor chain links and highly attenuative materials such as cast iron.


The Cygnus ROV gauge is available in two models: M5-ROV-2K 2000m (6,526 ft) depth rated and M5-ROV-4K 4000m (13,123ft) depth rated. The Cygnus Top Side Repeater (TSR) is available as an option and has the facility to display the thickness measurements remotely and overlay them on to a video signal. This allows the measurements to be superimposed on the ROV camera’s monitor screen. The ROV Gauge sends thickness measurement data to the surface via an RS-422 serial link. Cygnus can supply the RS-422 umbilical cable up to 1200m (4000 ft) in length. For longer distances, using a fibre optic multiplexer, the ROV gauge can output data in RS-232 mode.


Cygnus Instruments also manufactures non subsea gauges, one of them being ATEX certified, as well as various options and accessories: Top Side Repeater, Software, Cables, Diver Helmet View, etc… To learn more about these accessories please click on the PDF icon.


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