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Marine Renewables

  • Underwater inspections and measurements
  • Structure 3D modeling
  • Inspections of emerged parts

Visual inspections and CP measurements on wind turbines in the North Sea

CSpect - North Sea, Belgium - 2020

The Belgian company CSpect, specialized in underwater inspections of offshore wind farms, used our Tortuga ROV to perform visual inspections and CP measurements on wind turbine piles in the North Sea. The mission took place in December 2020, in an area with high swell and strong currents, proving the capability of the Tortuga to operate in difficult sea conditions. The Tortuga was equipped with a Buckleys UCP-1A contact probe (CP), for cathodic protection potential measurements on the sacrificial anodes of the pile. The use of a light davit specially designed for the Tortuga greatly eased the ROV launch and recovery operations, as the ROV was piloted from the wind turbine platform located about 20 meters above sea level.

Underwater inspection of the measuring mast off Fécamp

Valemo - Fécamp (76) - 2019

The company Valemo is specialized in the operation and maintenance of offshore renewable energy production infrastructures. In particular, it is in charge of the maintenance of the measurement tower located off the coast of Fécamp, in Normandie region. Within the framework of this maintenance contract, Valemo entrusted Subsea Tech with the following 2 missions :

  • The location by ROV of an instrumented structure, equipped with an ADCP and a CTD probe, connected to the mast by a cable.
  • The observation by ROV of the direct environment and the tower foundations

The operations were carried out with the ROV Tortuga, equipped with an Oculus M750d imaging sonar and a USBL SeaTrac system, the latter allowing to precisely position the instrumented structure on a map. The mission also allowed the newly developed Tortuga ROV to be tested in operational offshore conditions.


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