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Tank inspection and cleaning

Structural assessment of water tanks
Inspection of the tank components (filters, suction pipe, anti-vortex plate, etc.)
Tank cleaning (sediment pumping without tank emptying)
Use case

Inspection and cleaning of the firefighting water tank on an Airbus industrial site

Blagnac, France - 2015

Using the Guardian mini-ROV design, Subsea Tech developed AspiROV, a cleaning robot able to pump the sediments out of water tanks without any emptying or diver intervention. Thanks to their small dimensions, Subsea Tech's mini-ROV can enter confined areas and provide the operator with high resolution real-time video. Subsea Tech successfully  deployed the AspiROV to carry out in very short time the inspection and cleaning of 2 firefighting water tanks on the Toulouse Airbus site.




  • Inspection and control of covering beams
  • Inspection of connections and other accessories on the tank walls
  • Inspection of tank bottom, suction pipes, sump and anti-vortex plate
  • Tank bottom cleaning (suction)

Used equipment


Subsea Tech

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