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Tank inspection and cleaning

  • Structural diagnostics of water tanks
  • Inspection of the tank components (anti-vortex plate, suction pipe, strainers,…)
  • Tank cleaning (evacuation of the sediments without emptying)

Inspection and cleaning of 3 fire tanks in Italy

Gruppo Hera - Modena, Italy - 2021

Subsea Tech was mobilized in April 2021 on behalf of Gruppo Hera, one of the main operators of the drinking water sector in Italy, to perform the underwater inspection by mini-ROV and the cleaning by AspiROV of 3 drinking water storage tanks on the sites of Cannizzaro, Bubano and Imola in the Modena area. The mission was carried out jointly with our Italian distributor Geovision.

Cleaning and thickness measurements of the fire tank of the Arrighi power plant

EDF - Vitry-sur-Seine (94) - 2020

EDF entrusted Subsea Tech with an inspection and cleaning mission on a 630 m3 fire water tank located on the site of the Arrighi thermal power plant in the Paris area. The objectives were the following:

– To carry out a cleaning of the sediment deposit at the bottom of the tank;

– To carry out thickness measurements on the internal tank walls;

– To take pictures of the different components of the reservoir.

Subsea Tech used its Guardian mini-ROV for free-flying inspections and to deploy a Cygnus ultrasonic probe for thickness measurements. The AspiROV system was then used to pump sediments and debris from the bottom of the reservoir. A total of 44 thickness measurements were performed on the walls and invert of the tank. Subsea Tech adapted the probe mounting bracket to allow measurements to be taken in both horizontal and vertical planes.

Inspection and cleaning of the fire tanks at the Airbus site

APRO Industries - Blagnac (31) - 2015

In addition to its Mini-ROVs inspection system, Subsea Tech has developed a robotized tank cleaning system allowing the evacuation of sedimentary deposits without emptying and without the intervention of divers. Thanks to their small size, the ROVs are able to enter the smallest spaces and to make high resolution videos in real time. The two tanks inspected at the Airbus site in Blagnac were cleaned in record time.

Some references

  • City of St-Cannat – St-Cannat (13): Inspection of the Clos du Roy drinking water tank
  • Apro Industrie – Pitgam (59): Inspection & Cleaning of the fire tank of the GRT Gaz Pitgam site
  • INEO Défense – Rosnay (36): Inspection of the tanks of the CTM Rosnay
  • O’CAN – Cheylas (38): Inspection of the fire tank of the Cheylas plant


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