ROV accessories


For the 3D reconstruction of underwater infrastructures, Subsea Tech is now integrating the 3D HYDRO300 photogrammetry sensor on its Tortuga and Mini TORTUGA ROVs.

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IVM Technologies HYDRO 300


When conducting missions in turbid and dirty waters, ROV cameras are no longer sufficient. Acoustic solutions provide images even in zero visibility conditions. Scanning sonars allow scanning a static area, while 2D multibeam sonars, also called “acoustic cameras”, offer a real-time dynamic image of the environment. The 3D sonars make possible the digital reconstruction of underwater infrastructures. Finally, profiling sonars offer the possibility to control the ovality and to estimate the level of sedimentation in the pipes.

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2D multibeam sonar

BluePrint Oculus

Blueview M series

3D multibeam sonar

for Tortuga

Mechanical sonar

for Mini-ROV

Mechanical sonar

for Tortuga

Profiling sonar

Blueview BV5000

Tritech Micron DST

Tritech Super SeaPrince

Imagenex 831A


Subsea Tech integrates on its ROVs several types of probes and tools to perform non-destructive testing, such as: thickness measurement probe (US), cathodic protection potential measurement probe (CP) or FMD probe.

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Thickness measurement

Cathodic protection measure


Flooded Member Detection

for Tortuga

Cygnus Mini-ROV probe

Buckleys UCP1A probe

Subsea Tech LMS4

Cygnus FMD

Positioning system