Marine and underwater solutions for inspection and investigation

Innovation Challenges award for Subsea Tech !

Innovation Challenges award for Subsea Tech !

Subsea Tech won the Innovation Challenge for "tomorrow's hydraulic infrastructures" initiated by French Electricity Company (EDF) during the Hydro Business Meetings held in Marseille on 25th of June.  Subsea Tech showcased its latest innovations for long range...

Guardian and Chilean salmons

Guardian and Chilean salmons

Subsea Tech increases its presence in Southern America by appointing the company NILS International as its representative in Chile. NILS specializes in underwater services, especially for the highly developed fish farming industry. Since February, Guardian mini-ROVs...

Torpedo: pipe inspector

Torpedo: pipe inspector

Subsea Tech a mis au point un robot sous-marin autonome, le Torpedo, capable d’évoluer jusqu’à 5 000 m dans des canalisations de diamètre supérieur à 500 mm pour effectuer des inspections visuelles et sonar et mettre en évidence des problèmes structurels et fonctionnels.


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Deux entreprises exposantes sur le Village des Solutions CYCL'EAU récompensées lors des challenges innovation d'HYDRO ... BUSINESS MEETING. Bravo à @GreencityzenIoT et à @SubseaTech_ !



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