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Developed since April 2020 within the framework of a European Horizon 2020 project coordinated by Subsea Tech, the ultra-compact ship hull inspection and cleaning system SLEEKSHIP has started a tour of the Mediterranean for demonstration purposes in several major ports.

The tour started in early June in Israel in the port of Ashdod with our partner MDanchor, a leading subsea services company, who had the opportunity to train and test the complete solution: the ROV Mini TORTUGA equipped with a cavitation cleaning tool, the hyperspectral camera and the automatic navigation software.

The tour continued in Marseille with a new demonstration during the Subsea Tech Open Day on June 17th and then the system flew to Greece where our local partner Danaos performed tests in the Port of Piraeus at the end of July.

The system is now on its way to Turkey with two months of demonstrations planned in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Yalova and Canakkale.

The complete solution:

Cavitation cleaning systems

Developed by Subsea Tech, the cavitation rotor and lance are cleaning tools for underwater surfaces. They can be fitted to our TortugaSTD, TortugaXP4 and Mini TORTUGA ROVs.

This cleaning method is less destructive than traditional methods (brushes or high pressure jets). It does not damage the surfaces to be cleaned, especially not epoxy or silicone coatings. On the other hand, it is effective for all types of concretions.

The hyperspectral camera

Developed by our Greek partner QCell, this camera allows the detection of biofouling at very early stages of development on boat hulls.

The semi-automatic navigation system

The Ping 360 sonar integrated on the Mini TORTUGA is the main sensor of the navigation system and allows the ROV to automatically keep its position against the ship’s hull throughout the cleaning process of the SleekShip solution.


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