Sonars, USBL and diver computers

Multibeam sonars, side scan sonars, positioning systems for ROV and divers

Multibeam sonars

Oculus M Series

These high frequency sonars with a range capability up to 200m and a resolution down to 2.5mm are capable of real-time feedback.

Blueprint Oculus Datasheet EN (673.15 kb)

Side Scan Sonars


The innovative design of the Stafish side scan sonars, combined with their advanced performance, make them ideal for inspection missions up to 50m.

Blueprint StarFish 450F Datasheet (2.15 mb)

Blueprint StarFish 452F Datasheet (2.92 mb)

Blueprint StarFish 990F Datasheet (2.25 mb)

USBL positioning system


The Seatrac from BluePrint Seatrac is an acoustic positioning system which allows locating a ROV or a diver from the surface.

Blueprint SeaTrac Datasheet EN (554.46 kb)

Diver computers


The underwater computers Artemis are diver dedicated tools embedding GPS, DVL, USBL and multibeam imaging sonar Oculus.

Blueprint Navigator Datasheet (265.31 kb)

Blueprint Artemis Datasheet (1.10 mb)

Blueprint ArtemisPRO Datasheet EN (2.58 mb)


Subsea Tech uses Blueprint products for its own needs and integrates them for its clients on Mini-ROV Guardian, USV Catarob or USV CAT-Surveyor.


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