Nowadays, around 30 countries depend on nuclear for their power supply : USA, France, Japan only to mention the nations owning the largest number of reactors. In France, nuclear power represents around 75% of the total power production. Fresh water is pumped in the rivers to supply the cooling loops for the reactors. Pipelines supplying the cooling circuits must be inspected on a regular basis to prevent any malfunction that could have serious impact on the power plant. Thanks to their small dimensions and their manoeuvrability, Subsea Tech’s mini-ROVs allow the operator inspecting the most remote and confined parts of the cooling pipelines.

Subsea Tech’s mini-ROVs also increase flexibility in regards to inspection scheduling and implementation thanks to their portability, easy commissionning and energy autonomy. They are easily moved from one site to the other and require a single operator. The quick integration of an imaging sonar on the mini-ROV allows the operator carrying out inspections in low visibility conditions.

Cooling loop inspection in nuclear power plants

With 19 operational sites only on the French territory, cooling circuit inspections in nuclear power plants represent a high potential market. Subsea tech’s mini-ROVs have already been used successfully for several years by the most compelling stakeholders in the sector : EDF (French electricity utility) COMEX Nuclear, etc.


  • Visual Inspection of water intake using mini-ROV
  • Visual Inspection of main galleries using mini-ROV
  • Visual Inspection of cooling pools


  • Reducing risks and costs compared to inspections using divers
  • Increasing inspection scheduling flexibility
  • Easy transportation from one site to another
  • Allowing inspection in radioactive areas

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Inspection/cleaning of radioactive waste storage tanks

Subsea Tech designed and manufactured a ROV dedicated to recover radioactive sediments stored in the tanks of the AREVA plant of La Hague. The vehicle works 1,5m under the water and is fitted with a powerful pump and a decompacting system, A ballast system allows accurate control of the vehicle depth and of the vehicle pressure on the sediments during the recovery phase.

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