ST-Produit/Torpedo vue de face
ST-Produit/Torpedo vue de face
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The Torpedo AUV is an autonomous underwater vehicle specially designed for the internal inspections of pipelines and tunnels at distances up to 5000m.
The vehicle is equipped with a front HD color video camera with integrated LED lighting and can be also fitted with various other sensors such as multibeam sonar (acoustic imaging) and acoustic profiler.
It is connected to the surface through a 2.1 mm diameter Dyneema cable, allowing its recovery and the measurement of the covered distance by an odometer located on the electrical winch.

Long range 5000m


Multi sensors


Dams and hydraulic structures

Torpedo makes possible the visual and sonar inspection of flooded pipes at dam and other energy facility levels (nuclear and thermal power plants) such as water intakes, penstocks or discharge pipes. Thanks to its torpedo-shape form factor and reduced Width/Height, Torpedo allows internal pipe inspections from DN 500.

Offshore O&G

Originally designed as for an industrial project in the O&G sector, Torpedo allows internal inspections of oil pipes before commissioning or during maintenance operations. It was used to position with a high level of accuracy some defects located several km away from the pipe entry point.

Drinking / Waste / Storm waters

Drinking water and sanitation sectors show many applications for the Torpedo, that can carry out internal pipe inspections over long distances, thus avoiding long and tedious operations related to system recovery along manholes.


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