Azimuthal control thrust and the highest thrust to weight ratio on the market

Technical specifications

The Tortuga ROV is a 500m depth rated underwater inspection robot. Each one of the 4 horizontal thrusters develops a 20 kgf thrust and is fitted with an unique azimuthal control system that allows operating the ROV in strong current conditions up to 4 knots, regardless of the direction.

Thanks to its unrivalled 1,8 thrust to weight ratio and its fully integrated acoustic imaging solution, Tortuga is the ultimate vehicle for underwater inspections in harsh operational conditions (low visibility, strong currents, long range inspections, etc.).

Main features

  • Max. depth: 500m
  • Dimensions: 93cm x 47cm x 46cm
  • Weight: 40kg in air / neutral in water
  • Max. speed: 5 knots
  • Max. operational current: 4 knots

Propulsions and power supply

  • Thrusters: 4 horizontal with azimuthal control (20 kgf/prop.) and 2 vertical (8,5 kgf/prop.)
  • Power supply: 220 VAC (110 VAC on demand)
  • Power: 6500 W


  • Cameras: Color cameras, 720p (0,01 lux) with Pan & Tilt on the front camera (rear in option)
  • Distance measurement : laser telemetry on the rear camera
  • Lighting: LED lighting, 2x1500 lumen on front, 2x1500 lumen on rear, with intensity control
  • INS: SBG Ellipse 2 series
  • Sensors: Compass, depth, temperature, moisture
  • Umbilical: 300m buoyant (diam. 10mm), breaking strenght 250kg. Extensions up to 6000m (optic fiber option)
  • Automatic functions: dynamic positionning, heading, depth, speed


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