USV CAT-Surveyor

USV for harbour and coastal areas

Technical specifications

CAT-Surveyor is an Unmanned Surface Vehicle, catamaran type, with teleoperated and/or autonomous modes for hydrographic data acquisition or surveillance of underwater zones in harbours, costal areas and inland waters.

Thanks to its open architecture and its high speed PC to PC communication, all kinds of sensors running on Windows can be easily integrated to the CAt-Surveyor. The shore control PC allows real time display and control of navigation and onboard sensors.

Main features

  • Control : remote control through WiFi link 5GHz
  • Dimensions : Length 3m, beam 1,6m
  • Weight : 270kg (without payload)
  • Max. speed : 5 knots

Propulsions and power supply

  • Thrusters : 2 outboard brushless electrical motors
  • Batteries : 2 Li-Ion accumulators (12h autonomy)


  • Operator interface : Laptop PC + joystick box + auto navigation modes
  • Navigation : Front/read color HD video cameras, DGPS (RTK in option)
  • Display : video/sonar images display on control PC, position and trajectory display on all types of maps


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