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Water intake inspection on the Gnioure dam

Ariège, France - 2017

Subsea Tech was entrusted to carry out the water intake inspection on the Gnioure dam in order to identify and localize suspected disorders on the gallery concrete. The entrance of the water intake was found easily in low visibility conditions thanks to a Blueview imaging sonar mounted on a Guardian mini-ROV. Once the entrance was found, the divers just had to follow the ROV umbilical to reach the intake gate and open it so the ROV could enter the tunnel and successfully localize the suspected collapse. Light weight and compactness of the equipment allowed mobilzation with helicopter where all road accesses were closed due to the snow.



  • Localize the water intake to guide the divers to the gate
  • Internal inspection of the water intake tunnel to identify and localize the suspected collapse

Used equipment


Subsea Tech

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