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Underwater robotics and instrumentation have been used for long time in the offshore and Oil&Gas sectors, offering cost saving and efficient solutions where safety and operational limits are at stake.

Subsea Tech assists the sector operators by offering a range of standard and bespoke robotized solutions for operation monitoring and maintenance support of underwater offshore infrastructures.

Offshore infrastructure inspection

Subsea tech’s mini-ROVs have been used for several years by the main stakeholders in the offshore and Oil&Gas sectors to make the daily work of maintenance teams easier. Subsea Tech’s mini-ROVs compactness and lightness offer maximum deployment flexibility from any place (platform, vessel, etc.). On top of there advanced inspection capacities (2 high resolution video cameras, one being mounted on pan&tilt), Subsea Tech’s mini-ROVs can easily embed an imaging sonar (acoustic camera) to carry out operations in very low visbility conditions. Many other accessories can be integrated on Subsea Tech’s mini-ROVs to enhance the operator’s experience : acoustic positioning (USBL), manipulator, cutter, mechanical sonar, etc.


  • Riser and J-tube inspection
  • Plateform footings inspection
  • Inspection of underwater parts on offshore wind turbines
  • Mooring inspection
  • Assessment of fouling thickness on underwater infrastructures


  • Quick and easy deployment thanks to system compactness and portability
  • Increasing operation flexibility thanks to single operator deployment
  • Lightweight and small systems, reducing damage risk on infrastructures
  • Cost saving solutions
  • Reducing environmental impact by using lightweight and CO2 free systems (electric)

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FPSO inspection

As for offshore infrastructures, FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) working environment is favourable to the use of heavy underwater inspection and work systems such as work class ROV. However, some operations such as hull or thrusters inspection shall require quick deployment of smaller devices to avoid damaging the structures. Subsea Tech’s mini-ROVs are especially designed for such occasional inspections. Thanks to their small dimensions, the operator can inspect areas that cannot be reached with bigger ROVs. Furthermore, NDT tools such as Cygnus US gauges or Buckleys CP probes can easily be integrated on Subsea Tech’s mini-ROV. Preliminar UWILD operations also allows optimizing FPSO maintenance scheduling and budget.


  • FPSO hull and thrusters inspection
  • NDT on underwater infrastructures
  • Ballast inspection without emptying


  • Quick and easy deployment thanks to system compactness and portability
  • Increasing operation flexibility thanks to single operator deployment
  • Reducing risk of damaging the structures thanks to the use of leightweight and small devices
  • Cost saving and risk reduction solution compared to diver interventions
  • Reducing environmental impact thanks to ballast inspection without emptying
  • Optimizing maintenance scheduling and costs

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Underwater pipelines and cables inspection

When pipelines and cables are laying above 150m depth, Subsea Tech’s mini-ROVs represent the perfect affordable and easy implementing solution for inspection of these infrastructures : leak detection, weld and soldered joint integrity, connexions, civil work condition, etc.


  • Checking pipeline and cable line up by sonar mounted on USV
  • pipeline visual inspection using mini-ROV (leak detection, failures, etc.)
  • Pipeline thickness and cathodic protection potential measurements
  • Pipeline support civil work inspection


  • Quick and easy deployment thanks to system compactness and portability
  • Operator safety
  • 2 in 1 system combining sonar and video inspection

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