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Harbour infrastructures


  • Inspection of docks, dikes, locks, anchors, etc.
  • Diagnosis and identification of defects, 3D modeling
  • Inspections, cleaning and measurements on hulls

Inspection of the floating pontoon of the Société Nautique de Marseille

Sous-Marine Services - Marseille (13) - 2019/2020

The underwater works company Sous-Marine Services called upon Subsea Tech’s expertise to carry out the inspection of the underside of the pontoon of the Société Nautique de Marseille, located on the Old Port of the city of Marseille. This mission aimed at identifying possible degradations under the pontoon, in particular traces of rust, which could harm its integrity in the middle-long term. Subsea Tech used a mini-ROV Guardian to follow a predefined route, marked by colored lines, over an area of about 40mx 20m and to bring back the images of the inspection. The operation was supported by divers whose role was to clean the marine concretions before inspection. The operation took place in good visibility conditions, allowing to obtain high quality images and to identify precisely the disorders.

Inspection of the aqueducts in the old lock of Tancarville

TETIS - Tancarville (76) - 2019

Subsea Tech was mandated by TETIS to perform the inspection and the estimation of the silting level of the aqueducts located on the Seine side of the old Tancarville lock. The operation was carried out with a Guardian mini-ROV equipped with an Oculus M750d acoustic camera, an essential tool for navigation in almost zero visibility conditions. The acoustic camera was also used to estimate silting levels at the entrance and within the aqueducts. The Guardian’s small size allowed it to be inserted into the pipes to check the silting level within the aqueducts.

Expertise of the Jean Reveille and Estienne d’Orves piers in St-Tropez

City of St-Tropez - St-Tropez (83) - 2016

Inspection works were carried out using CAT-Surveyor USV and Norbit WBMS multibeam sonar to produce a complete 3D model of the quay over 500m length on the pier of the Port of Saint-Tropez, allowing in particular to identify suspicious areas, including protrusions, and to measure them with precision thanks to the 3D model generated. In addition, our team used a Teledyne Blueview BV5000 high-resolution (1.35 MHz) 3D imaging sonar, operated from the dock itself, to model specific defects in even more detail. The BV 5000 is a 3D imaging scanning sonar that provides ultra-high resolution modeling of underwater objects and infrastructures, with a spherical range of 20 m radius. The system is mounted on a tripod with a 360° pan & tilt and is therefore particularly suitable for local 3D modeling. A visual inspection by mini-ROV completed this mission.

By combining these equipment, Subsea Tech offered a complete solution for the inspection of subsea infrastructures, in any visibility conditions.

Some references

  • Naval Group – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Inspection of the bulb of a tanker on the Jeddah naval base
  • Bathytec – Lausanne, Switzerland: 3D modeling of a submerged boat shed
  • COLAS – Marseille (13): Inspection of a barge hull after a collision
  • Bouygues TP – Calais (62): Blueview 3D tests on X-Blocks installation – Port of Calais extension


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