Drone Catarob

USV for inland waters

Technical specifications

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Catarob has been especially designed to carry out tele-operated or autonomous inspection, survey and modelling missions in shallow inland waters and harbour areas. Thanks to its lightweight and compact structure (50 kg, L = 180 cm), Catarob is easily commissionned by a single operator. Fitting in a car trunk, Catarob does not require heavy duty to be deployed. Thanks to its open architecture and its high speed PC to PC communication, all kinds of sensors running under Windows can be easily integrated to the Catarob. The shore control PC allows real time visualization and control of navigation and onboard sensors.

Main features

  • Control : Remote control hrough Wifi 5GHz
  • Dimensions : 1,8m x 1m x 1,2m
  • Weight: 50kg (without payload)
  • Max speed. : 4 knots
  • Range: 1km, back-up radio link 2,4 GHz

Propulsion and power supply

  • Thrusters: 2 outboard electrical motors brushless
  • Batteries : Li-Ion accumulators (4h autonomy)


  • Operator interface : Laptop + joystick and automatic navigation modes
  • Navigation : Front and rear HD color video cameras, compass, GPS positioning (RTK in option)
  • Display: video/sonar images display on control PC, position and trajectory display on all types of maps (Google Earth, etc.)



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