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ROV AREVA v2 sediment pumping ROV

Client/End user : AREVA


Subsea Tech designed and manufactured a ROV dedicated to recover radioactive sediments stored in the tanks of the AREVA plant of La Hague. The vehicle works 1,5m under the water and is fitted with a powerful pump and a decompacting system, A ballast system allows accurate control of the vehicle depth and of the vehicle pressure on the sediments during the recovery phase. Main features are as follow :

  • Use of suitable materials for extreme radioactive and physico-chemical conditions
  • Remote surface control unit integrating all sensitive electronics such as motor controllers
  • Great compactness to address the confinement requirement and narrow access conditions
  • High reliability and design optimization in regards to the maitnenance and decontamination requirements

This designed concept can easily be adaptated to other issue such as :

  • Depollution  of underwater areas (harbour areas, aquaculture farms, etc.
  • Dredging operations in dam reservoirs, ponds, etc.
  • Industrial waste recovery (chemical plants, mines, etc.)

Design features

Besides special features direclty linked to nuclear environment, strong development work effort was dedicated to thrusters hardening, which were tested for more than 1500h in a row at full power in a clay saturated water, occuring sudden reverse torques. These tests allowed developing special dynamic sealing solutions that are now reused for all underwater thrusters mounted on Subsea Tech’s mini-ROVs.

Our skills

  • Materials
  • Structural calculation (including ESP)
  • Dynamic and static sealing
  • Electronics/ field networks

Key figures

  • Dimensions (L x w x h) : 1400 x 720 x 700 mm
  • Weight (in air) : 240 kg
  • Forward thrust : 80 kg
  • Pumping capacity : 20 m3/h


Subsea Tech

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