The Saudi Veolia Chemicals division requires efficient and innovative technologies to develop their water treatment solutions in order to improve their expertise with a high-end service.

As part of their missions within water treatment and drinking water supply facilities, Veolia needs to inspect and clean water storage tanks on regular basis.

With this objective, they acquired an AspiROV from Subsea Tech, an ultra-portable underwater robot specially designed for the unmanned visual inspection and cleaning of industrial, fire and drinking water storage tanks, without prior emptying. The AspiROV combines a mini-ROV for inspection and a motorized suction skid to clean up large areas.

Choosing a robotic solution for the inspection and cleaning of a water tank involves many advantages over conventional techniques which most of the time require emptying the tank and mobilizing a specialized team within the tank itself (with high associated costs and risks).

The AspiROV is a 2 in 1 system offering the possibility to inspect the whole reservoir when using the ROV alone and to clean the tank bottom when using the ROV mounted on the rolling skid. Moreover, the AspiROV has the unique feature to be able to jump over obstacles located on the tank bottom (filters, pipes, etc.) thanks to integrated ballast system.

To cope with the travel restrictions due to COVID19 pandemic, the Veolia Saudi team participated in a remote online training organized by Subsea Tech.


Subsea Tech

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