Special machines @seaclearproject Today’s oceans contain 26-66 million tons of waste, with approximately 94% located on the seafloor. So far, collection efforts have focused mostly on […]

CORAL project  « Constructive Offshore Robotics ALliance » aims at developing an open sea AUV for sea floor exploration and inspection down to 6000m depth (20,000 feet), as part of the […]

Subsea Tech has developed in partnership with Seaviews company an Acoustic System for Automatic Seafloor Classification (SACLAF) using a multibeam echosounder.
This project was led within the framework of the ADEME’s Programme Investissement d’Avenir (with the contribution of the Pôle Mer Méditerranée).
The developed system allows measuring and classifying the variations of the sounder signal in order to determine the seafloor nature and the presence of marine vegetation (Posidonia, Eelgrass, Cymodocea).
By implementing this technology, detailed and high resolution maps can be produced for large areas at low cost. Sonar and aerial images can be combined to cross-check the data.

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