Products      CAT-Surveyor in German waters

Subsea Tech delivered in November 2020 a CAT-Surveyor USV to General Dynamics European Land Systems-Bridge Systems for reconnaissance missions in flooded areas. GDELS chose the versatile USV from Subsea Tech as part of multiple partner project, involving the German Disaster Relief Organization THW and the Technical University of Kaiserslautern among others.




The project aims at developing a civil floating bridge solution for disaster relief operations. For this purpose, the CAT-Surveyor will assist the floating bridge deployment in areas that could present risks for reconnaissance operations by humans. The USV will use sonar based technology to identify and map underwater obstacles such as rocks, tree trunks or any other structure that could potentially damage the floating bridge.




Thanks to its shallow draught, the CAT-Surveyor can operate in areas that cannot be reached with conventional vessels. The high energy autonomy and long range communication capacity allow operating the USV in remote areas from a safe control point, hence reducing the risk for operators during the missions.



Subsea Tech

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